Learn About The Practical Driving Test For Cars

Taking a driving test in an automatic car is the same process as with a manual car test. Driving tests on average last for about 40 minutes and conducted by a DSVA driving examiner. On testing the examiner is simply looking for a safe demonstration for your driving and how you put the highway code into good positive practise on the road.

The first part covered is a check of your eyesight. You’ll need to be successful with reading a vehicle number plate from a legal minimum distance of 20.5 metres.

The next part is called the vehicle safety questions which is also commonly called show me, tell me. This exercise is where you will need to show or tell the examiner how to carry out a basic car safety check.

The main driving section is where you will be out on a wide range of roads with direction given be the examiner. During the drive you’ll be asked to safely demonstrate one of the following :

  • Turn in the road
  • Reversing around a bend
  • Reverse parallel parking
  • Reversing into a parking bay

The test also has an independant driving part which last for around 10 minutes. The examiner will present or give you a series of direction to follow. This is simply to see of you can drive independantly without being given directions continually, just as if you were driving by yourself for example. Don’t worry if you forget and turn the wrong way, all you need to do is show that you can drive safely and apply safe routines. The examiner can easily get you back on track if you take a wrong turn, it’s not much of an issue.

To successfully pass the practical driving test for cars you’ll need to make less than 15 driving faults. However, you must avoid making any faults considered serious or dangerous. When passed, you will get a pass certificate from the examiner.

For Automatic Car Driving Test Candidates

When you pass the driving test in an automatic car you full licence will only allow you to drive automatic vehicles within the categories displayed. If you pass in a manual you can drive both manual and automatic vehicles

Happy testing from the Slough Automatic Driving School team.