Learning To Drive With An Auto Car

Taking tuition using an automatic car is an easier process than learning in a manual geared vehicle. Automatics have 2 foot controlled pedals which are the accelerator and footbrake. There is no clutch pedal simply because the automatic transmission system chooses the most appropiate gears whilst on the move as well as carrying out other important tasks.

When driving along on the road you’ll have more time with both hands on the steering wheel for control whilst focusing effectively on other essential traffic and road situations. All in all, automatic car lessons makes for a more relaxed enjoyable drive, especially if you are nervous about getting behind the wheel of a car.

Automatic cars have a selector instead of a gear lever. The simple to follow positions are explained below.

  • P : Park – This is used when the car is stationary and parked up.
  • R : Reverse – Used for maneuvering the car backwards.
  • N : Neutral – Disengages all of the gears. No gear is selected.
  • D : Drive – This position is used for normal forward driving. It allows all the forward gearing speeds to be used.
  • 2 : Second Gear – Prevents the car from selecting a higher gear than second gear. Very useful when motoring down a steep hill for example.
  • 1 : First Gear – Prevents the car selecting a higher gear than first gear.

Automatic tuition has become an increasingly popular and enjoyable choice for learners particularly for people who have had, or are having difficulties in a manual car. Often, knowing when or how to change the gear alongside controlling the clutch smoothly can become a real issue. The good news is that automatics are also quicker to learn, so you can drive along smoothly with a less fuss fast solution to gain freedom on the road in a fraction of the time. The automatic vehicle option can also benefit the older drivers and people with a disabilities.