Welcome to SA Driving School in Slough where you can learn to drive with structured reliable and very enjoyable automatic driving lessons. We cover Slough in Berkshire and also the nearby surrounding areas. The car training team consists of friendly dedicated, skillful and instructors who have the expertise to teach you easy to learn, effective and safe motoring techniques for better successful testing plus more.

Learning to drive the automatic car way

tailored instruction

Taking automatic car driving lessons in Slough
Each focused instructor does their upmost to ensure that learning to drive an automatic car is as much enjoyable as informative. You’ll receive guidance from an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) with knowledge of the area and test routes. Instruction is provided by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) certified professionals who have also passed a DBS check. So, you’ll be in safe hand around the roads of Slough in Berkshire.

We’ve been teaching driving lessons throughout Slough for many years. We’re proud to have helped people with different levels of ability and experience to reach their goals. Our automatic driving instructors in Slough have an impressive track record when it comes to test passes and we would be happy to help you also. We’ll adapt flexible fun instruction to your best performing requirement which help to make drivers feel comfortable at the wheel.

driving without gear changes

learning made easy using an automatic car
There are many learner drivers choosing the automatic transmission option and really enjoying it after doing so. Here, we have course of tuition delivered with good instructional techniques. You’ll learn about the essential foundation for becoming a safe responsible motoring for life.

Every automatic driving lessons is carried out with 1 to 1 sessions. They’ll take place in a comfortable, new and very stylish car which has dual controls installed for safety.

Automatics are quite simply easier to grasp when compared with manual cars. It’s mainly because you’ll have no clutch to master and gears to change. As a result you just enjoy making good progress driving around Slough with more effective concentration on the road, traffic and other hazards.

Want to pass fast? Learn about our automatic intensive crash courses

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5 Reasons Why Automatic Car Driving Lessons Are Popular

  1. Quicker to learn which means you can lower the overall cost of your tuition.
  2. A more relax driver experience. Modern automatics are also fun to drive
  3. Build confidence whilst out on the road without having to worry about how and when to change the gears.
  4. Many drivers feel they have more time to deal with many aspects such as the road, junctions, roundabouts and more.
  5. No stalling and easier moving off, especially on uphill starts.

It’s easy to get started or to request more information. Call or email us 7 days per week to discuss your driving.